Bussynet Advanced Trading is an accredited skills development organisation that seeks to provide practical, market driven, well researched and cost-effective business solutions to corporate organisations; government entities and other public sector organisations, as well as small medium scale enterprises on the African continent.

Our goal is to deliver compelling business intelligence to African business organisations through conferences, summits, workshops, in-house training, corporate sponsorship and exhibitions and executive coaching.

To achieve this, we work with industry experts from all over the world, whose insights and experience in their respective professions will help towards the attainment of economic growth and poverty eradication. We already know that Africa, with its young population, natural resources, vibrant wildlife and tourism opportunities, is a continent with the largest potential for industrial boom – the challenge is to ensure that the potential is realised, through harnessing the right knowledge and technologies that will take the continent to the forefront of technological disruption.

Thus, our technology events are aimed at helping governments and businesses on the African continent stay abreast with technological trends the world over and make business decisions that will keep their organisations relevant in the age of digital disruption. We are committed to helping you take the next step towards achieving your organisation’s developmental goals. Our technology events are related, but not limited to the following industries and topics:

Corporate Governance

Cyber Security

Circular Economies

Big Data and Analytics

Technology in Education

Industry 4.0

Drones and UAV technology

Smart Cities Telematics and Intelligent Mobility

Occupational Safety and Health

School Safety

Sports Science and Innovation

Sustainable Energy